May 01, 2012

Anti-stress Heart

Anti-stress Heart

CO - cast on

k - knit
p - purl
k2tog - knit two sts together
st st - stockinette stitch
m1 - make one
You need:
-3mm straight needles (UK 11/US 2½)
-yarn in pink or red
-stitch holder or spare needle
I used this yarn.

Pattern ♥:

CO 6 sts, using pink yarn

Row 1: p

Row 2: (k1, m1) x 6 (12 sts)

Row 3: p

Row 4: [(k2, m1) x 2, (k1, m1, k1)]  x2 (18 sts)

Row 5: p

Row 6: [k3, m1, (k1, m1, k2) x2] x2 (24 sts)

Row 7: p

Row 8: [k4, m1) x2, k1, m1, k3] x2 (30 sts)

Row 9: p

Row 10: [k5, m1, (k5, m1) x2] x2 (36 sts)

Row 11: p

Row 12: [(k6, m1) x2, k6, m1] x2 (42 sts)

Row 13: p

Row 14: [k7, m1, (k7, m1) x2] x2 (48 sts)

Row 15: p

Row 17: [(k8, m1) x2, k8, m1] x2 (54 sts)

Rows 18-20: st st, start with p (3 rows)

Row 21: k27, CO 9 sts (36 sts)

Now we’ll work only on this 36 sts, you can put the rest 27 on stitch holder or spare needle.

Row 22-24: st st, start with p (3 rows)

Row 25: (k2tog, k7) x4 (32 sts)

Row 26: p

Row 27: (k4, k2tog, k2) x4 (28 sts)

Row 28: p

Row 29: (k2tog, k5) x4 (24 sts)

Row 30: p

Row 31: (k3, k2tog, k1) x4 (20 sts)

Row 32: p

Row 33: (k2tog, k3) x4 (16 sts)

Row 34: p

Row 35: (k2, k2tog) x4 (12 sts)

Row 36: p

Cut the yarn, leave a long end. Thread through sts.

Reattach the yarn to the rest 27 sts.

Next: k27, CO 9 sts (36 sts)

Continue from Row 22 to Row 36.

     Close with mattress stitch and fill firmly. Make the eyes and mouth using fabric paints or embroider them with yarn.
   This pattern is for personal use, knitting pleasure and fun.You are not permitted to sell whole or part of it.

This anti-stress heart is made by Sue from Canberra, Australia as a gift for her friend! Sue, it is awesome!