March 22, 2013

Baby Gym Equipment

  Плетени мини фитнес уреди за бебета и деца. 100% ръчна изработка, произведено в България. Комплекта включва:
две гирички
една тежест (пудовка)
една топка
Ipod за музика
Тренирайте заедно с детето си, забавлявайте се, докато правите мускули!
В наличност са два комплекта-в синьо за момченца и в розово-за момиченца.  Може да закупите от ТУК
  Knitted Gym Equipment- suitable for children or babies to play with. The Gym set includes: two dumbbells, a kettlebell, a ball, an Ipod. The knitting pattern includes 7 pages of pictures and instructions written in English how to make this gym equipment set.  Available in PDF format for $ 3.00 USD.

Please, read this information:
To order a copy you have to email me these details:
     1. Your Name
     2. Your PayPal Email address
     3. or email to gifted person (to send the pattern as a gift).
Don't send money before you get money request from me! 

       Terms of Use:
     This pattern is for personal use, knitting pleasure and fun. Please, respect my designer rights-you are not permitted to sell or share whole or part of it. You are not permitted to give as a gift or e-mail the pattern anyone else. You may sell your toys, made from the pattern.