April 23, 2014

Minions - Despicable Me

You will need 3.00 mm DPNs, crochet hook, yellow, blue, black and grey yarn.

Legs & Body 

Starting from the legs, CO 12 sts using black yarn. 
Rows 1-4: st st
Change to blue yarn.
Rows 5-10: st st

Cut the yarn and leave to a spare needle. Knit the other leg the same way. Then slide both legs on one needle and continue knitting the body:

Row 11: (k1, kfb) to the end of the row (36 sts)
Place on 3 DPNs and start knitting in round. (12 sts on needle)
Rounds 12-20: knit (9 rounds)

Change to yellow yarn.

Rounds 21-40: knit (20 rounds)

Change to black yarn.

Rounds 41-43: knit (3 rounds)

Change to yellow yarn.

Rounds 44-52: knit (9 rounds)

Round 53: (k2tog) to the end (18 sts)
Round 54: (k2tog) to the end (9 sts)

Cut the yarn and secure. Close the legs and fill loosely the body.

  Pick up 11 sts in front at the center of the body to knit the front part of the union suit. Reattach the blue yarn and st st 9 rows, bind off. Cut long end of yarn to knit the strap using crochet hook, then reattach the yarn to knit the second strap.


Using yellow yarn, CO 12 sts, place 6 sts on two needles and start knitting in round. 

Rounds 1-10: knit

Change to black yarn.

Rounds 11-14: knit ( 4 rounds)

Round 15: (k2tog) to the end (6 sts)

Cut the yarn and secure. Fill loosely.


Cut white circles from a fabric. Then using grey yarn and two DPNs knit an I-cors, CO 3 sts. Sew the grey surrounds around the eyes.

Embroider a smile and hair. 

If you make the purple minion knit the arms longer.

P.S. Tulaliloo ti amo! 

Original pattern by 

Juanita McLellan