May 15, 2012

Emilie's Old-fashioned Knitting Set

  I made this knitting set to my niece Emilie for her 5th birthday party! I took this suitcase from the local flea market. I'll keep in secret the price, cause it's exclusive, almost unbelievable! Great deal for me! It is inspired by another French knitting case, I've shown you in my post Here

   Here how it looks like after I used sandpaper. Then I wash it and paint it using satin varnish.

To make it you will need:
-satin varnish
-wrapping paper
-elastic band

 The very first thing I did after painting the suitcase was to cut a piece from the wrapping paper and glue it using decoupage technique.

Take a look inside before:
   Also, I cut two pieces of cardboard and art plate to fit inside. Mark with a pencil where you want elastic band to go. Push the band through and bind to secure not too tight. Cut off excess elastic band. Place the knitting tools underneath the band and fill the suitcase with the other crafty goodies.
After painting and decoupage:
Wow! Is this the same suitcase I bought? is!
It means "Emilie's suitcase"

The suitcase contains all the elements you need to learn knitting and crochet: 
-crochet hook
-kinder knitting needles (by Susanne's)
-sewing meter
-apple pin-cushion
-I-cord maker machine
-balls of yarn

Now take a step back and admire your work!