July 13, 2012

Win a Neck Wallet Pattern!!!

Out for a walk...

   I felt I had to share with you  that i'm really bored  lately. I was out for a walk last night in the big hot city. I suppose  there is other ladies like me out there, so I accept any offers about creating beautiful projects, all kind of ideas.  My niece ask me if I would knit her a Lion backpack. If you already have made a lion backpack, here is the place you can share your experience. There is many versions how to knit it and I'll be very, very happy to know a little more about your ideas. If you want to share something, go on and together in team we can create another beautiful item from yarn! 
You can write me at  cvetulka.knits@gmail.com

I will be giving one Neck wallet pattern to one blog reader who send me mail with ideas or pictures for Lion backpack. I will announce the winner here on August 1st :)

I made for her this Lion neck wallet (it's not free, but you can see more details HERE), now I'm designing the Lion backpack. Join me!

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