March 07, 2013

Accessory: Purse

Feel special, unique, on top of the world. Its your day! Happy Women’s Day!

My gift for you this year will be my Accessory purse knitting pattern!

You need:
- straight needles 3 mm
(UK 11/US 2½)
- yarn in white, sand and golden
- zipper in sand (long about 8 inches)
- piece of leather
- lining fabric

   Using sand color yarn CO 60 sts. St st about 2 inches and change to white yarn, knit one row, purl next row and change to golden yarn, knit one row, purl next row then change to white yarn again. Knit one row, purl next row. Change to sand color yarn. St st about 7 inches and again change to white yarn, then golden yarn, white yarn, knit two rows every color. Then change to sand color yarn and st st about 2 inches. Bind off.

Make two.
CO 2 sts using sand color yarn.
Row 1: p
Row 2: k1, m1, k1 (3 sts)
Row 3: p
Row 4: k1, m1, k to last st, m1, k1 (5 sts)
Row 5: p
Increase till you get 20 sts.
When you get length about 2 inches from the CO edge make white and golden edge as shown. Sides should be long about 5 inches totally (from the CO edge), and then bind off.

Make two.
CO 15 sts using golden yarn.
Work in seed stitch about 1 inch from the CO edge and bind off.
Tie in the middle using golden yarn and sew to the purse.

CO 60 sts, using sand color yarn.
Rows 1-3: (k2, p2) to the end of the row.
Bind off.
Cut a piece of leather; sew it to the knitted handle.
Sew all parts together. Sew a lining from a piece of fabric. Put the lining inside the wallet, and then sew the zipper.