September 24, 2012

Natalia's BabyLove

   I present you my smallest & sweetest cousin Natalia! She is first year student and I'm so proud of her because she is extremely intelligent and sensible! Clever as sharp as a needle! Real sunshine!

I promise to this baby doll
she'll never be alone!
She found her mom Natalie
and everything is perfectly!

Naty & her doll Ely:)

HERE you can find more pictures of baby girl doll.

This knitting pattern is property of Susan B.Anderson.


  1. Невероятно сладко бебе, с изключително чаровна майка:))) Поздравления за съвършената кукла!

  2. Thank you , what a pleasure to find your beautiful blog! Thank you so much for the cabled pillow & blanket pattern as well as the awesome key covers, tree ornaments & bookmarks!! I'm sharing your blog with my knitting friends! Hugs