Designer Chandelier
        I create these chandeliers when we started to renovate our home. I love to create irregular objects for home decoration and this is one of them. I will show you how to do it.

You need:
-cable chandelier
-Acrylic modelling paste, or other paint, which may be thinned with water, but water resistant when dry. I took this one from artistic shop, you can find it in Painting shops too.
-transparent painting plate

        Circles you see are smaller than those of chandelier below, you can make them larger, depending on your desire! I thread them on string and voilà:

Coral Lamps

This is the original construction scheme of the Coral lamp.

When I saw these chandeliers I decide to create my own, I used these pictures for tutorial. These are David Trubridge's bamboo pedant lamps. Take a look here: David Trubridge Design.

Another bamboo lamps...

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